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"I took Lesley's prenatal yoga class when I was pregnant with my second daughter. I had just had a tough move from out of state and was at a difficult spot in my pregnancy. I had finally been cleared for some gentle exercise and I quickly found a yoga class. Lesley's class was just what I needed. I always left feeling calmer, more relaxed, while also feeling stronger and empowered. I felt part of a community. I felt listened to. It was a nice warm hug after a really tough couple of months and exactly what this mama needed. 
I was really impressed with how she built community so quickly in a short class, everyone felt heard and welcomed. She remembered where women were at in their pregnancy and what they needed. She provided comfort and realness. She was also honest and real about her own family, parenting, pregnancies, and breastfeeding. Though, never in an "I know more" or "this is the way" discussion, more of a humorous, safe, brave vulnerability that made first-time and second or even third-time mamas feel included and heard. 
I tried her tea at the end of every class and was always pleasantly surprised (I'm not a big fan of pregnancy teas and was surprised when I honestly liked hers). Lesley also would use herbs and aromatherapy at the end of class and I always enjoyed this part. She always seemed to accurately measure the mood of the room and just what we all needed. She truly is a barometer of pregnant mamas!
Finally, she was an amazing resource. She was quick and ready to share tips, resources, groups, and anything else that would help mamas with their journey.
I feel very blessed that I walked into her class." - Corrie​

"Lesley creates a calm, open, warm environment for her prenatal yoga students. I always felt, respected, valued and apart of a  community when I attended her classes. Each class started with a thought or intention and she gave each expecting mom the opportunity to share how they were feeling emotionally and physically. This created a unique unity with her students which is so vital when preparing for a new baby. I felt I had a true community of women I could trust, relate to and feel validated by. Lesley's energy resonates peace and harmony. I highly recommend her classes for any expecting mom." - Lindsay 

"This is just something that I wanted to let you know I really appreciated about the prenatal yoga class I attended with Lesley.  At the beginning of class, she had us go around and introduce ourselves, how far along we are, gender if we know it, etc (like I have done in other classes) but she also made a point of noting that this is class is also meant to be a good support group for each other and share just how we were feeling in general (emotionally, mentally, and physically).  This allowed for the opportunity to have a brief forum to share a little bit more about how we were doing, and it really helped me to feel connected with other moms! 
Most of us all then chatted after class about normal “mom stuff” – stress of registering, maternity clothes, what baby contraptions we really need/will use, etc. which I enjoyed and appreciated, because it felt more like a community/support group in addition to just an exercise class.  I’m not sure about others, but I know for myself that that was precisely a motivating factor for enrolling in prenatal yoga (in addition to the physical exercise) – the ability to connect with other moms (first time or otherwise), and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated Lesley providing that opportunity/forum for us to get to know each other on a little bit different level.  I also feel that when you feel connected to/bonded with the other girls in the class, you’re more likely to come back, because you get to see the other women again and continue to feel like you are in a supportive community vs just attending a workout class. Thanks." - Ashley