1. Herbal Consultations
How does your physical body feel?

Right now here in this moment? Close your eyes and connect...

Tuning into our body is one key to figuring out what we need in our life BUT...

Looking at the physical body isn't enough!  What about our emotional state, our mindset and the connection we have to our highest self??

In our 1:1 initial 90 min. consult we will go over ALL aspects of your health.
From that space Lesley will create a thoughtful holistic protocol for you. 

Who is this for?
Herbal Medicine is for ANYONE who wants to find a natural way to take control of their own health, feel empowered  And see results!! You can heal and nourish yourself and family with natural remedies. If you want  transformation this is for you! The art of herbalism is pairing your specific constitution as a person and the energictis of your symptoms to the the right herb! What one person needs for their health won't be won't you need!
To help aid in:
*general health
*decreasing stress
*pregnancy & postpartum health
*setting up your home pharmacy
*and much more!

"Antibiotics are overused in over 60% of kids and adults. Eating healthy foods can prevent 80% of chronic diseases and herbal medicines are a great natural and effective alternative to so many pharmaceuticals. Being healthy, and using alternatives to pharma is therefore a REVOLUTIONARY ACT!" - Aviva Romm, Herbalist, Midwife, MD 

Sacred Spaces ultimate goal is to help people connect to divine love first, then we can move into empowerment and take aligned action to have more vibrancy, a deeper connection to self, have more joy, to be part of a conscious movement and be deeply connected to mother earth.  

Benefits of working with Lesley:
*1:1 Support
*Customized protocol
*Love and support
*A new perspective on your health 

We focus on using earth centered remedies including: essential oils, tinctures, herbal teas, plants brushing, rattling, yoga, Reiki and other wise woman methods to support our clients to remember who they are!  

We will review your health history, address your current questions and devise a plan with the combining of herbal remedies: tinctures, teas and essential oils and/or Reiki or Yoga - call 303.717.5401  or email [email protected]  to set up an appointment.