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2019 Schedule!

Below you'll find all of our classes and workshops for 2019. You can take each class or workshop separate or sign up for a year long commitment and join us in our Ancient Ways program gaining a certificate of completion (also huge savings)! Each class/workshop that is required for Ancient Ways will have an ** next to it.

Note: final dates/times will be released a min. of month prior to event but below are the preliminary dates. Pleaes check back as class dates/times are subjected to change. Email us with your questions, we'd love to hear from you!

Also, there are no refunds once you purchase your class, if you call within 24 hours of the class you can use that as a credit towards another class. No refunds or credits if you cancel within 24 hours of a class. Thanks for understanding!

Scholarships avaialbe on some classes, please send us a message.

**Ancient Ways - Certificate Program -
Self Sufficiency, foundational herbalism, self and nature connection!

Have you found that you want to feel more connected to nature, take care of your health with natural remedies like herbal tonics, make your own medicines, learn self sufficiency skills and overall live in a sustainable way? Our Ancient Ways program is for you! If you'd like to appy to be apart of this program please send an email to [email protected] Every class with an ** is required for the certification. The prices set below are for each individual class. You'll recieve a savings for signing up for the program!

**You'll also receive 4, 60 min. 1:1 sessions with Lesley to check in and do any energy work that needs to happen for you!
**Learn to Create Your Own Steam Lodge
April 27th. 10am - 4 pm

Get hands on learning! The group will collectively make a willow steam/sweat lodge. You'll learn about structure and honoring the willow. You will also learn how to prepare the steam, which rocks to use, how to heat them up and how to prepare the herbal water/tea for the hot rocks/steam. Also, included is different herbs for different aliments.

Investment $100 per person. *1 partial scholarship available send me an email: [email protected]
Includes hands on learning, lesson and a handout about healing herbs for different aliments. We will make a tea blend as a group and you'll get to take some home! Also, included: You'll also be invited back for 2 different ceremonial steams . Dates for those will be given to participants.

Taught by Simone Soucy, founder of Sticks and Stones Wilderness Adventures and Nature Awareness Group

Location:Details will be given to participants

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.
**Creating Your Home Apothecary 
May 9th, 10-12 pm

We will review which tinctures, teas and essential oils are musts for your at home cupboard! You will learn which herbs are good for a variety of common ailments! This is a must class! You can't use herbal medicine if it's not in your home!

Investment $35 per person.
Includes lesson, hand out and a discount on herbs!

*Tea will be served
Taught at Sacred Spaces Apothecary 331 Royal Gorge Blvd

Taught by lead herbalist and owner of Sacred Spaces Lesley Gilbert

Location Sacred Spaces 331 Royal Gorge Blvd Suite A Canon City *available via facebook live as well

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.

**Basket Weaving and making cordage
May 12th, 9-3 pm

In this class you'll learn how to to locate, harvest, prepare and weave with willow.  Working with wild fibers is a skill that stretches back thousands of years. You will also learn to procure and process natural fiber for yourself from nature.

You'll need good hiking shoes for walking by the river, notebook or journal and your own sack lunch/snack.

Investment $60 per person.
Includes lesson and guidance.

Taught by Simone Soucy, founder of Sticks and Stones Wilderness Adventures and Nature Awareness Group

Location TBA

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.

**Rawhide Crafts (Animal Hides)
May 19th, 9-1 pm

In this class we will go over processing a 'green' hide from animal rawhide then to tanning. We will be removing hair to racking hide. We will cover the complete process.

Investment $65 per person.

*Wear crappy clothes. Bring a notebook and your own sack lunch

Taught by Simone Soucy, founder of Sticks and Stones Wilderness Adventures and Nature Awareness Group

Location: Simone's property. Details will be given to participants

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.

**Medicine Making Weekend Intensive 
June 1-2
10-4 pm

Learn how to make your own tinctures, infused vinegar and more. We will sit and prepare medicine for 2 days! You'll leave with SO much made herbal medicine! You'll also learn the medicinal benefits of the herbs we all bring, ideas on combinations, and recipes!

Investment $199
Includes lesson, hand hand out. Some extra supplies provided like vinegar and alcohol

Bring a notebook, empty glass jars (like empty sauce jars), snips or scissors, extra plants from your garden, your own honey, carrier oil ex. olive oil, alcohol (like vodka/brandy), vinegar and a side dish to share

Taught by lead herbalist, owner of Sacred Spaces Lesley Gilbert

Location: Lesley's farm. Details will be given out to participants

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.

**Neighborhood plant walk - Spring greens.
June 8, 10am-12pm

Take a stroll with us and learn to identify medicinal plants aka weeds in your neighborhood. You'll learn which plants are medicinal, proper harvesting techniques as well as the plants health benefits.

Lead by lead herbalist, owner of Sacred Spaces Lesley Gilbert
Investment $20
Location TBA (Fremont County)

Please, purchase your ticket to hold your spot.
**Chatfield Reservoir Camping (Near Denver, CO) - 2 day.
June 15th
9am-7 ish..

Join us for a beauitful yoga asana practice and meditataion before we take an edible plant walk (learn to ID the plant, how to proper harvest and it's uses). You'll also learn how to create your 'sit spot', this is a way to dive deep into meditation and connect to nature and animals. Bonus, you'll learn self reliant basics of creating shelter, fire, water purification and wild foraging. Saturday evening we will have a community meal, talk about story telling as a spiritual practice/ceremony.

Taught by Simone, Ceremony lead by Lesley
Investment $98 per person
Includes one meal, all lessons and ceremony
(does not include entry fee into the park or camping spot or extra food you'll need)
It looks like all camping spots are reserved within the park but check chatfield reservation page or surrounding area:

Please purchase your ticket to hold your spot.
**Crested Butte Wildflower Camping Trip -
July 25-28 Thursday-Sunday.

Fun filled days of plant identification, foraging, daily yoga/meditation and medicine making, as well as a sacred plant ceremony lead by Lesley. Also, self reliant learning (water purification, fire and shelter building, more wild food/plant foraging) taught by Simone.

This will be an incredible way to learn! You'll get to make and take medicines home and deepen your connection to self and nature!

Investment $450 per person $750 per couple, kids 14-18 yrs $100
Includes all lessons, handouts, ceremony, basic medicine making supplies (alcohol/vinegar and one community foraged meal.
Does not include additional food or personal supplies you need to go camping. You'll need to bring your own glass jars (re-use sauce jars you buy for ex.) snips/scissors
*more details will be sent as we get close to the date.
**Edible plant walk
August 4th
9-11 am

Learn to identify berries, nuts and seeds. A fun 2 hour walk. 

Lead by Simone and Lesley

Location TBA

Investment $25 - purchase your ticket ot hold your spot.
**Wilderness Thriving Weekend
August 8-11 Thursday-Sunday

This is an immersion in nature. Camping in the San Isabel Nataional Forest.

Learn fire marking basics (bowdrill), Foraging trips daily. Learn how tot build a chelter and find clean water. On Sunday we will visit Mission Wolf for lessons on socialization in nature through the wisdom ov wolves.

$350 per person
$600 per couple
$100 for kids (14-18, 13 and under free)

Includes all lessons, handouts, one community foraged meal.
Gear list will be sent up on registration
*more details will be sent as we get close to the date. Please purchaes your ticket to hold your spot. 

Taught by Simone Soucy, founder of Sticks and Stones Wilderness Adventures and Nature Awareness Group
**Alchemy of herbs - A total wellness retreat.

August 16-18
3 days, 2 nights on Lesley's farm.

We will go over culinary herbs and fresh produce as medicine. In depth learning about their medicinal value and ways to use them, recipes, medicinal dosage and any contraindications.  This will be hands on learning of collecting and processing food straight from the garden. We will make LOTS of herbal medicine AND our meals together all the while discussing a holistic lifestyle specific to your needs and family life.

We will start the day with yoga and meditation.  The day will be spent in the garden harvesting but also spending time building relationships to the plants as spiritual allies. We will move into the house in the heat of the day to cook and make herbal medicine together. Each night we will sit in sacred ceremony.

Total wellness from the inside out!

Retreats are my most favorite! Lots of sharing, storytelling and more. If you crave more ease in your life and struggle with your relationship with food this is def. for you! Even if you don't have a difficult relationship with food but want to thrive and learn more about a holistic lifestyle this is for you too! We will all hold space for each other! Either way this is about personal growth and a spiritual shift while building relationships to the plants....Check out some of our retreat reviews below!

Investment if you need lodging is $1111 Local $750
If you need a payment plan please reach out ot us. Paid in full gets $150 off, email us to get that discount!
This includes all lessons, handouts, medicine making supplies, ALL food, swag bag,  a 90 min massage and SO SO much more! You'll also receive a post retreat 1:1 session with Lesley
**Herbs for Immunity
Sept. 10
6-8 pm
*also available via facebook live

Learn how to create a rock star immune system! We will cover what herbs are great for immunity but also cold and flu recipes.

Taught by Lesley

Investment $30
Includes lesson, handout and you get to make an immunity tea to take home
Location Sacred Spaces, 331 Royal Gorge Blvd Suite A
**Honoring the fall equinox through herbal baths and ceremony.
Sept. 22, Sunday 4-7 pm

A lovely evening learning about herbal baths, herbs for an equinox, a fun fall craft, the actual ceremony and a group meal.

Taught by Lesley

Investment $55 - purchae your ticket to hold your spot.
Includes lesson, handout, herbal foot bath, ceremomy and meal
Location Sacred Spaces, 331 Royal Gorge Blvd Suite A
**Primitive cooking and preservation
Sept 29, 10-4

Learn how to cook over open fire and how to create a steam pit to actually cook food in the ground. We will cover different ways to preserve food in a wild setting and in the kitchen. Includes a steam pit meal.

Taught by Simone
Location TBA

Investment $95
*Native Pottery -
Oct 6 and 13th
10-4 pm

You will learn collecting, processing  of natural clay and how to create a pit fire for natural clay. This is will be 2 full days, 1 week apart from each other 

Taught by Simone
Investment $300 - purchase your ticket to hold your spot.
Includes all supplies
Location TBA
**Samhain Ceremony
Oct. 30th 6-9 pm

A group meditation and ceremony to honor our summer 'harvests' whatever that may be and ask our ancestors to guide us through winter

Lead by Lesley
Investment $33
Location TBA
**Edible plant walk and Osha Ceremony: roots
Nov 3, 10-2 pm

Spend the day walking and connecting with nature. We will teach you how to id plants in the fall and proper harvesting techniques for different roots. We will also honor the osha plant in a sacred ceremony.

Investment $55
Lead by Lesley and Simone
Location TBA
**Harvesting cordage, Burning bowls and Utensils
Nov 10th, 10-4

1 day class learning how to harvest your own cordage and burning bowls and making utensils. We will show you where to harvest materials for fiber to make your own cordage.  You'll also learn how to create fire to burn a bowl and spoon.

Taught by Simone
Investment $65
Location TBA
**Savage Cuisine Celebration -
Dec. 7th 5-9 pm

After a year long of harvesting and collecting wild plants we will make a feast! Food will be paired with different herbal teas and tonics! This is going to be loads of fun! Lots of holiday cheer! We will also give a short lecture about wild edibles and foraging. 

Prepared by Lesley and Simone
Investment $111 per person
Couple $190
Includes all food, drinks and a special gift
Location TBA
**Sacred Solstice Ceremony
Dec. 21st, 6-8pm

Close the year with a beautiful meditation and ceremony. We will make yule logs, solstice tea, share a meal and sit in sacred circle. 

Lead by Lesley
Location TBA
Investment: $75 per perosn or $100 per couple
Includes meal, lesson, ceremony, materials for yule log, and solstice tea to take home
If you have any questions or need help registering for a class call Lesley at 303.717.5401 or email [email protected]