Services Offered:
*1:1 Holistic Health Reviews
*3 Month Holistic Health Coaching Package (By interview only)
*Animal Medicine Card Readings
*Medicine making and gardening classes/workshops
*Plant Sanctuary or homestead design, consultations, install, maintenance 

*8 week online Peaceful Pregnancy Program
*Heart Centered Mothering online Program (for postpartum mamas)

200 hour yoga certification from The Shambhava School of Yoga in Fort Collins, CO 
Reiki 1 Attunement 
60 hour yoga certification emphasis on hips from The Shambhava School of Yoga: Eldorado Springs, Co.
60 hour yoga certificaiton emphasis on shoulders from The Shambhava School of Yoga: Eldorado Springs, Co.
Community Herbalist Program from Artemisia and Rue emphasis on: 
    *Latin names of Western medicinal Herbs
    *Parts of the plants used
    *Ecological status
    *Dosage parameters
    *Specific indications & therapeutic uses
    *Wild crafting trips
Reiki 2 Attunement

Completion of Colorado State University Master Gardening Program

4 week online permaculture coure through Oregan State University 

Sacred Spaces:

Provides nourishment and healing through yoga/herbal medicine/gardening classes, 1:1 herbal medicine consultations, and helping you create a personalized plant sanctuary or homestead.  

Our family bought 35 acres of land in Canon City, CO. We are builidng a permaculture farm and retreat center from the ground up! Our farm, Gilbert Gardens & Sacred Spaces will provide a place to connect to self and therefore help you strengthen your connect to your intuition.

We will help you connect to your highest self through divine LOVE! Also, we want to give our clients a sense of empowerment by taking control of thier health through medicine making, herbal preparations and organic food. 
Lesley Gilbert, Medicine Woman and creator of Sacred Spaces has a strong belief that having faith in plant medicine and yoga can connect you to something deeper than yourself. After the birth of her second son she went through a period of deep post-partum depression/anxiety.  She was tired of feeling stressed out all the time and decided to change it! She wanted to try natural remedies fist and fully committed to a protocol of herbs, yoga, therapy, acupuncture, exercise, healthy mental exercises.. any thing that would make her feel better and change her patterns.  It was hard work but she is healthier and happier than she has ever been!

Through her journey Sacred Spaces was born so she could share her knowledge with anyone who wanted to break their cycles of stress and exhaustion and live a more authentic life! Also, birthed from Lesley's mothering journey was a path for her to become a health and wellness coach.

Ryan Gilbert is a strong believer in creating your own path. He has been an entrepreneur since he was a child! Selling oreos to fellow classmates! He supports Gilbert Gardens mission to promote biodiversity while creating a sustainable lifestyle. 
We can show YOU how to create the lifestyle of your dreams through permaculture, yoga, plant medicine and wise women healing techniques. We believe that when you take care of yourself you become more connected to your intuition and that is important because then you KNOW you are on the right path!

​We all have a choice on how we want to live our lives and Sacred Spaces wants to be surrounded by plants to have a deep connect to mother earth.  We want to share that feeling of connection with others!